The effects view contains a list of configured effects in the current preset.


Configuring Effects

Each effect can be configured individually in the effects view. The configuration section is displayed besides the list of effects.

Effect Config

Effect Types

Hyperchroma uses the following types of effects for its visualizations. Note that these effect types may also have their own subtypes.

  • Camera: static camera effects
  • Particle: particle effects
  • Filter: filter effects that animate in response to audio
  • Transition: transitions effects that animate in response to audio

Note: Duplicate Effects

Certain multiple effects of the same type for are not supported. This is denoted by a warning icon when this occurs.

Duplicate Effects

When multiple conflicting effects are enabled at the same time, only the effect specified last in the preset is used.

Enabling/Disabling Effects

Selected effects can be disabled or enabled using the Toggle Visibility button.

Effect Visibility

This can be useful for testing effects in isolation when creating your own presets.

Adding Effects

You can add effects using the Add Effect button located on the top of the effects list.

Add Effect

Removing Effects

Effects can be removed using the Remove button on selected items.

Remove Effect

Selecting and Ordering Effects

Effects can be re-ordered in the preset, which can be useful for organizing effects. Effects can also be multi-selected for different operations using the default multi-selection method on your operating system.

Re-ordering Effects