The library view provides a consolidated view of your audio library.


Hyperchroma can read your audio library's files and organize them within the app based on metadata such as artists, albums, and genres. This enables features such as searching within the library and viewing track metadata.

Getting Started

To get started, simply add the folders that contain your audio library, and Hyperchroma will automatically track your files and resync when changes are detected or when files are added or removed.

Hyperchroma's library is unopinionated and minimal - it only reads your existing library and organizes them within the application for easy access. You're free to continue using your preferred method of managing and maintaining your library.

Adding Folders

You can add folders for Hyperchroma to track in the Folder view using the Add Folders button.

Adding Folders

It is highly recommended that you add the root folder that contains your entire audio library as opposed to multiple individual folders as that greatly simplifies tracking for the app.

Removing Folders

You can remove individual or multiple folders from the library within the Folder view by clicking on the Remove button or using the Delete key for selected folders.

Removing Folders

Note that these folders must be root folders - you cannot remove individual files or folders underneath root folders. Hyperchroma will stop tracking any folders that have been removed.

Resyncing Folders

By default Hyperchroma will auto-sync all changes detected on disk for tracked folders. If you've made changes to your audio library and they haven't shown up in the app, you can also manually resync the folders in the library using the Options button.


The library auto-sync behavior can be changed in the Settings view.

Searching Metadata

You can search for metadata added to the library using the Search button.


The search menu displays search results and also provides filters that you may use to filter them.

Search Menu

Note: Tagging Metadata

The quality of your library depends on whether your audio files are properly tagged with the correct metadata. Without the correct metadata for your audio files, Hyperchroma won't be able to properly organize your library.

Hyperchroma does not provide tools to tag or edit the metadata of your files. External applications such as MusicBrainz Picard are excellent tools that can help ensure your audio files are properly tagged.

Library View

The library view contains several different views that help you navigate and organize your audio library. Each view supports sorting and filtering, multi-selection, and additional options based on selection.


You can navigate between the previous, next, or return to the default library view using the Library Navigation buttons.

Library Navigation

Folder View

The folder view allows you to browse through a filesystem view of all the root folders and files underneath them currently tracked by the app.

Folder View

Tracks View

The tracks view shows all the tracks within your library.

Tracks View

Artists View

The artists view shows all the artists within your library.

Artists View

When selecting an individual artist, you can view all their tracks and albums and also play all the artist's tracks.

Artist View

Albums View

The albums view shows all the albums within your library.

Albums View

When selecting an individual album, you can view the album's tracks and also play the album.

Album View

Genres View

The genre view shows all the genres within your library.

Genres View

When selecting an individual genre, you can view the genre's tracks and albums and also play all the genre's tracks.

Genre View