Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run Hyperchroma with other GPU heavy applications open?


Hyperchroma is designed to run in the background. When Hyperchroma is no longer visible or minimized, it will stop rendering completely.

Hyperchroma's GPU usage is extremely high. What's going on?

First make sure your system meets the minimum or recommended system requirements.

If you notice your GPU usage sometimes increasing significantly while Hyperchroma is running in the background, it's probably due to your GPU entering power saving mode and automatically downclocking itself. Hyperchroma uses the same GPU load, but your GPU usage will show a higher percentage as it's now using a higher percentage of a lower clock rate. You can verify this behavior by running programs such as GPU-Z.

If you're experiencing lag or stuttering, check your currently configured Effects preset. Certain effects such as Blur and Glitch filters are more expensive than others, especially if they are configured for maximum quality.

Can Hyperchroma visualize my current desktop audio instead of music files?


Hyperchroma works by analyzing large amounts of audio data in order to synchronize visualizations such as transitions. Since live desktop audio is limited to a small buffer size, there is not enough audio data available to accurately synchronize the visualizations Hyperchroma provides.

Does Hyperchroma support online streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube?


Hyperchroma analyzes large amounts of raw audio data to synchronize its visualizations. Unfortunately most online streaming services encrypt their audio data with DRM or heavily restrict the ability to obtain raw audio data, which makes it impossible for Hyperchroma to analyze their audio.

On that note, please support your favorite artists by buying their music directly!

Can I use Hyperchroma to make non-commercial or commercial music videos?


However, please keep in mind that Hyperchroma was not necessarily designed for this purpose.

If you do make music videos using Hyperchroma, we'd be interested in hearing your feedback in the community (e.g Discord, forums) regarding the process and experience!